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P-9 on the Map Joppa Jaffa, Yafa [Yafo]. An ancient sea-port city in Israel about 30 miles northeast of Jerusalem, originally allotted to the tribe of Dan. Joppa beauty, a town in the portion of Dan (Josh. 19:46; A.V., "Japho"), on a sandy promontory between Caesarea and Gaza, and at a distance of 30 miles north-west from Jerusalem. The city is located at the only natural harbor on the Mediterranean between Ptolemais and Egypt and was for centuries Jerusalem's main seaport.

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Tyre. Phoenicia. Dan. Galilee Sor. Bɔnsa Huleh. Bashan. Antique copy of "Youthful Explorers in Bible Lands - Joppa and Jerusalem" by Robert Morris.

Litani. Tyre.

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existing within a limestone cave beneath a cemetery near Joppa, Indiana. Decapolis är beteckningen för ett historiskt[2] stadsförbund[3] om tio hellenistiska[4]-romerska städer i Mellanöstern.[5] Huvuddelen av städerna finns i Jordanien  Decapolis (grekiska Δεκάπολις efter deca - tio och polis - stad) är beteckningen för ett historiskt stadsförbund om tio hellenistiska-romerska städer i  484-291-9040.

Joppa in the bible map

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Map 14. Joppa [ebd] beauty, a town in the portion of Dan ( Josh. 19:46 ; A.V., "Japho"), on a sandy promontory between Caesarea and Gaza, and at a distance of 30 miles north-west from Jerusalem.

Joppa in the bible map

Again, cedar trees were brought from Lebanon by sea to Joppa, and thence conveyed to Jerusalem . From Joppa Jonah fled to avoid compliance with God's command to go to Nineveh and preach repentance there . He found a ship bound for Tarshish as far toward the West as Nineveh to the East. Jaffa is mentioned four times in the Hebrew Bible, as a city opposite the territory given to the Hebrew Tribe of Dan (Joshua 19:46), as port-of-entry for the cedars of Lebanon for Solomon's Temple (2 Chronicles 2:16), as the place whence the prophet Jonah embarked for Tarshish and again as port-of-entry for the cedars of Lebanon for the Second Maps of Bible Places —Including every place mentioned in Acts.
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Peter came to Joppa from Lydda to raise Tabitha (Dorcas) from the dead (Acts 9:36-42). While in Joppa, the apostle stayed at the house of Simon the Tanner. When Peter was praying on the roof, he had a vision of a large sheet filled with animals being lowered from heaven (Acts 9:43–10:23), signaling to him to go with the messengers from Cornelius. Joppa Jerusalem Nineveh Tarshish? JUDAH ISRAEL ASSYRIA Mediterranean Sea THE MISSION THE FLIGHT JONAH LOcATION MAp Search Maps Show search options BABYLONIA TURKEY EGYPT SPAIN FRANCE ITALY Gath-hepher The Assyrian king (3:6) The great fish (1:17) The Temple (2:4,7) Joppa is known today as Jaffa and was most likely part of the land allotment given to the tribe of Dan, although it doesn’t seem the Danites ever took possession of it (Joshua 19:40–48).

Joppa was the seaport for Jerusalem c.
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Ihcst 097 through the eyes of the beholder the holy land, 1517

Maps of Bible Places —Including every place mentioned in Acts. Maps page with index of places in Acts.

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until 197 b.c., when it became a part of the Seleucid empire. Joppa had a brief but complex military history in the Maccabean period. At Joppa, Antiochus IV Epiphanes landed his army with plans to enforce the Hellenization of Jerusalem, where later he plundered the temple. Joppa.

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Title page climate acknowledgments map and from mc, peel finlayson mcmahon mcmahon updated ta  Bible Map: Sychar Shechem: Insights From Biblical Geography • Bible Study With RDRD Reliving Biblical Stories in Samaria - Shepherds Theological . Acts 9:38 As Lydda was near Joppa, the disciples, hearing that Peter was there, sent two men to him, imploring him not to delay in coming to them.

15:60) because of their phonetic similarity, and which site is located in the territory given by lot to the tribe of Judah. Still, it is only a conjecture, without any valid oral tradition to substantiate the claim, or otherwise refute the claim. This map is another view of the earliest civilizations in the time of the Patriarchs including the route of Abraham and the ancient Hittite, Egyptian and Babylonian Empires. Old Testament World 1: This map shows world during days of the Old Testament. Categories: Devotionals for Bible Lands, Evangelism, God's love, Great Commission, Joppa, Tel Aviv Disclosure of Material Connection: Some of the links in the post above may be “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Study Bible: Map of David’s kingdom in Bible times and the kingdom of Solomon.