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ICAO 4444 Appendix 4 Appendix 13 AIRSPACE AND PROCEDURES Specifically: Aeronautical Information NAVAIDS Objects Affecting Navigable Airspace & Aeronautical Studies Airport Airspace Analysis Terminal and En Route Airspace Special Use Airspace Misc. and Rocket, Launch Vehicle Ops. FAA Orders: 8020.16 7210.56 7010.1 ICAO 4444 Appendix 4 Annex 13 [ICAO Doc 4444, ¶8.7.3] Separation minima based on ATS surveillance systems. Unless otherwise prescribed in accordance with, or, or Chapter 6 (with respect to independent and dependent parallel approaches), the horizontal separation minimum based on radar and/or ADS-B and/or MLAT systems shall be 9.3 km (5.0 NM). Appendix 2 APPENDIX 2. NON-OCEANIC AIR TRAFFIC FACILITIES The following are ICAO publications recommended for ARTCCs and CERAPs which provide air traffic services in international but not oceanic airspace.

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Appendix - Dänisch - Schwedisch Übersetzung und Beispiele This shall consist of a sequence of Addressee Indicators, one for each addressee to whom the message is to be delivered. Each Addressee Indicator shall consist of an eight-letter sequence comprising, in the following order: a) the ICAO four-letter location indicator assigned to the place of destination; Note.— ustanowionych przez Organizację Międzynarodowego Lotnictwa Cywilnego (ICAO) w Doc 4444 „Procedury służb żeglugi powietrznej – zarządzanie ruchem lotniczym” (PANS-ATM, ICAO Doc 4444) – zmiana szósta.

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Icao 4444 appendix 2 Each Addressee Indicator shall consist of an eight-letter sequence comprising, in the following order: a) the ICAO four-letter location indicator assigned to the place of destination; Note.— ICAO has been equally active in supporting States in their implementation of language proficiency requirements. Such efforts include the publication in June 2009 of ICAO Circular 318 — Language Testing Criteria for Global Harmonization, 1.2.1Instrument Departure and Approach Procedures Thereare instrumentdeparture and approach procedurespublishedthatwere developed prior to theICAOproceduresinitially established with ICAO Document 8168, Volume I, First and Sec-ondEditions.These proceduresmay have applied different procedure criteria. Procedures developed in The ICAO documents do not provide any definition of the term ‘ATS surveillance system’.
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Only use indicators prescribed in ICAO Doc 4444 Appendix 2  Yeah, reviewing a book icao doc 4444 16th edition could increase your close all amendments approved by the Council prior to 2 June 2007 and supersedes,  1.68 MB ICAO Appendix 2-Rules Air Convention on the International Civil Safety Management (PDF, 2 MB, 18.09.2017)Second Edition ICAO Doc 4444: Air   1.10 Flight planning. Referensdokument: - ICAO Annex 2, Chapter 3.
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Changes to ICAO Document 4444 - Procedures for Air Navigation Services-Air Traffic Management - will usher in new in-flight contingency procedures in oceanic airspace. The changes, which are significant, will take effect Nov. 5, 2020. pursued by ICAO complete Chapter 2, while Chapter 3 explores the role of the new ICAO Air Navigation Report in conjunction with the performance-based approach for the implementation of the ASBUs.

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november 2020. Guidance material for ICAO Doc 4444 PANS- ATM para regarding the responsibility for obstacle clearance and  The relevant chart is available in AIP Hong Kong AD 2-VHHH-AC-DEP – Departure Routes. 18. 1.

All clock times are in four figures, UTC. All estimated elapsed times are in four figures (hours and minutes).